Message Mikiya Saigusa CEO Diart Saigusa Co.,Ltd.

In autumn 2016, we named the series of works “Mago Giapponese”, created by full use of new cast-inlay technique which was born from one of our new ideas. To the casting technics that were believed to be already fully completed, we combined most updated CAD/CAM techniques and we repeated “try and errors” to reach to the expression that cannot be achieved by other techniques in terms of processing and expression. The result was a superlative evolution.

More than 50 years have passed after the foundation of the company. The company has been always in the technology field and have been involved deeply in many brands as their supporters, and also produced merchandizes, but this new technique, this brand is very special for us. We consider it a great step further to mention our reason for existence as a creator at the same time.

It would be a great pleasure for us, a group of craftsmen, if we could offer a quiet yet fulfilling contentment to many people’s mind.

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